for delivery: beautiful music

I am a singer and guitarist, &
I will serenade house and household from your front lawn, steps, or driveway!

Treat yourself, your household, or your friends to beautiful music.
(Request your performance here)

  • I sing and perform for adults, kids, and everyone in between!
  • You can surprise your friends when you send me to brighten their day.
  • I can sing songs you choose, or I can craft a concert for you, from a huge range of songs and genres.
  • Are you itching to jam or play too? Invite me to jam with you, you can sing along too!
  • (I will keep a safe 6-foot-or-more distance so you feel safe and comfortable)
  • I will split any tips with incredible aid organizations!**
  • Catch more of my music at or

Besides singing, I have a background in teaching, preschool, environmental education, social work, comedy…When I perform, I bring a grounded, positive, nurturing presence.

My repertoire is huge.
Here’s a breeze-through my favorite artists and genres.
Some genres: showtunes (old and new, disney too!), pop, folk, singer-songwriters, rock, r&b, kids music (the good ones), country
Some artists: Anais Mitchell, Ani Difranco, Beyonce, Carole King, Dixie Chicks, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell, Lana del Rey, Madonna, Neko Case, Okkervil River, Regina Spektor, Sia, Sufjan Stevens, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston…and many many many many more

*And for those who dig Jewish community, I’m also happy to share Shabbat songs and ritual!
We can also celebrate other faiths, or secular living!

**Organizations include:
Dane County Community Defense
Latinx Consortium for Action
Free the 350 Bail Fund
**Tips can be directed to:
venmo: @amandaTHEjane
zelle: 8435320410

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