for delivery: beautiful music

I am a singer and guitarist, &
I will serenade house and household from your front lawn, steps, or driveway!

Treat yourself, your household, or your friends to beautiful music.
(Request your performance here)

  • I sing and perform for adults, kids, and everyone in between!
  • You can surprise your friends when you send me to brighten their day.
  • I can sing songs you choose, or I can craft a concert for you, from a huge range of songs and genres.
  • Are you itching to jam or play too? Invite me to jam with you, you can sing along too!
  • (I will keep a safe 6-foot-or-more distance so you feel safe and comfortable)
  • I will split any tips with incredible aid organizations!**
  • Catch more of my music at or

Besides singing, I have a background in teaching, preschool, environmental education, social work, comedy…When I perform, I bring a grounded, positive, nurturing presence.

My repertoire is huge.
Here’s a breeze-through my favorite artists and genres.
Some genres: showtunes (old and new, disney too!), pop, folk, singer-songwriters, rock, r&b, kids music (the good ones), country
Some artists: Anais Mitchell, Ani Difranco, Beyonce, Carole King, Dixie Chicks, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell, Lana del Rey, Madonna, Neko Case, Okkervil River, Regina Spektor, Sia, Sufjan Stevens, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston…and many many many many more

*And for those who dig Jewish community, I’m also happy to share Shabbat songs and ritual!
We can also celebrate other faiths, or secular living!

**Organizations include:
Dane County Community Defense
Latinx Consortium for Action
Free the 350 Bail Fund
**Tips can be directed to:
venmo: @amandaTHEjane
zelle: 8435320410

Agroecology and la musique

I moved to Madison for a Masters in Agroecology.

I wanted to beef up my food-production know-how. I wanted to dig into supporting just food access. Why farm our world to death, when we can farm it to life?

Read more about my tossed salads of thoughts and work on this subject here!

Meanwhile, consider the people-and-ecology vibe of this fave of mine:

Singing in Madison – Willy Street and Beyond!


I’m a preschool teacher. I’ve been hanging with little kids my whole life, and as of the Fall of 2018, I finally got a regular gig doing this hilarious and IMPORTANT (no matter what my dad thinks ha!) work.

A caregiver on her child’s last day:
“She’s changed since she met you. Sometimes, she’ll be folding her clothes, and I’ll hear her singing.” SCORE! PASS THE HEMLOCK!

Shortly after landing this job, I was kindly offered a music gig, singing songs for kids on the venerable Willy Street here in Madison. In the winter, I perform every other week, and in the spring, once a month. That’s at the Cargo Bike Shop, the first Saturday of every month, at 9am (it’s fun to be awake!).

I love taking requests from kids and adults, and getting folks to sing or dance along. Here’s a taste of my repertoire:


I’m working with the fabulous People’s Yoga Collective to mash up music and yoga! Here’s a taste of the background I provided for one yoga class:


I’ve gobbled up many musicals in my time – by listening to them obsessively. Occasionally, I’ve performed in them. Auditioning is terrifying…and hard…so it’s only been a few. This winter, I performed in my first musical since college. I’m 29. Did you know that? Bet you didn’t know that.

I did not sing this song in the show! But it’s my favorite, I’m obsessed with it, I had to give it a go.

Teaching Music

I am slowly but surely accumulating brilliant ukelele students. Videos to come!

Mash it up!

Am I a “naughty child” for not writing songs? Possibly. I have anxiety about it.

But am I totally awesome for mushing up songs that have similar ways-of-being?

That’s for you to decide.

Start with some Elton John and Taylor Swift.

My Big Sis thought these songs would blend beautifully. I proved her right! Though I hated “Our Song” when it first came out.

Scoot kindly over to some Hamilton and Tom Petty Business.

And the first one I ever got down with/came up with:

And my most recent monster! Another pop/musical mashup.

Do you like Into the Woods? Sondheim…Sondheim…Stephen Sondheim! Another queer Jewish musical lover.

I love musicals.

I can’t get over the character, color, philosophy, and exuberance of musical theater. It may be the only thing I *actually* *care* about. But I try to ride that love-wave and have a positive impact on the world through that love.

Rent was the first musical that I became head over heels obsessed with:

Here’s me performing a song from a newish musical that I love to love and I love to hate on:

It’s about planes that got redirected to Newfoundland when they closed the US airspace on 9/11. The politics of this show are also iffy, but not explicitly horrific. This song illustrates the real real-life story of a pilot who was sent to Newfoundland.

I also love jazz standards. I’ve recently gotten all into Rodgers and Hart, some real sassy composers. I made the following video for my mom on Valentine’s Day, since my musical theater obsession is largely her loving fault:

My Funny Valentine – I’m proud of myself for figuring out the chords to a jazz song! Usually I stick to such endeavors in the pop realm

Country Music and NYC

“If you’re looking at me, you’re looking at country.” Loretta Lynn

I accidentally fell in love with country music, late last year.

How late is late? Too late to get the most out of a job I had – a job playing Country music!

Last summer, in 2018, I stepped out of my newly-jobless Madison life. I traveled a bit, and spent a determined two months sleeping determinedly on my sister’s couch – to the initial dismay of her chihuahua. Don’t worry, Simba grew to love me. And I grew to love Cardi B.

I wanted to be in NYC so that I could play music on the streets and subways, and make some cash! Here’s what I sounded like, per the recording of a lovely person who enjoyed my Joanna Newsom rendition:

Hear me play “Sawdust and Diamonds” by Joanna Newsom!
And some of that!

Another lovely passer-by who also plays music – and tap dances! – told me about a job opportunity for buskers like us. She directed me to contact a restaurant that Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry just opened in Times Square. I love that wacky place.

My future boss responded and arranged an audition where we could meet and where I could show him my stuff. “Sing country songs,” he commanded.

So I played Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.” Gene, or whatever his name was (he kinda threatened to fire me for asking questions about breaks) jumped into genre-policing. “Ok, but can you play country?” Oops. I thought I was.

He suggested Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton. So I gave him that. I got the job! And I beefed up my country repertoire – a bit.

About a month later, after a healthy handful of 6-hour shifts where I got breaks every half-hour (unheard of luxury!) and free burgers (have we met?) I was let go. The restaurant was doing very poorly. They thought they had a country music market all tied up. They didn’t. They closed.

A few months later, I’m back in Madison, watching “Coal Miner’s Daughter” for the first time. And second time. And third. And fourth. Now see what I’ve become?

This is a hilarious Loretta Lynn song. The gender politics are iffy at best…
Dixie Chicks woo!
A classic, and a surprise mash-up!

Community GroundWorks: Caring for Land and People through Ideas, Infrastructure, and Inspiration

Becoming an Environmental Educator

My parents thought I should pick a career.

I wanted work that didn’t feel like work.

I discovered the field of environmental education – jackpot!

“That’s not a career.”


But before my parents could realize what was happening, I had taught kids in gardens in Berkeley, California, Moab, Utah, New York City, Connecticut, and finally, Madison, Wisconsin.

You know, year-round, full-time garden educators jobs are hard to come by. That’s one reason why I moved around so much.

I thought maybe some more education in food-production would help, so I started this Masters in Agroecology. I wanted to study environmental justice and the mechanics of food production.

I decided to use my final Agroecology project as a platform for exploring environmental education. My goal was to support good work in this field, and prime myself for work in environmental education. I had plenty of experience in teaching kids and adults in gardens.

I wanted to gain experience in education administration – starting, maintaining, and supporting educational programs.

Community GroundWorks

Since moving to Madison, I had my eye on Community GroundWorks.

Community GroundWorks grows food with people. They coordinate community gardens, and run garden education projects in Madison, Wisconsin, and around the state. Community GroundWorks focuses on children, families, neighborhoods, and municipalities. They play, teach, and they build networks of support that allow people from a rich array of socio-economic backgrounds to cultivate land and food together.

Community GroundWorks was born out of Troy Gardens.

This north Madison site was developed in 1995, when the city was selling fifteen acres of property slated for municipal and residential development. Instead, surrounding residents voiced a desire to keep the space open and available for recreation. They organized into a group called “Friends of Troy Gardens.”

A year later, the group’s call inspired the Madison Area Community Land Trust, the Urban Open Space Foundation, and the Community Action Coalition to purchase the land, as well as an additional sixteen acres. In 1998, a lease agreement was finally reached. In 2001, the 31 acres were purchased solely by Madison Area Community Land Trust, and placed under the management of Friends of Troy Gardens. At this point, the “Friends” incorporated into the non-profit Community GroundWorks.

Community GroundWorks now maintains this site for a variety of uses: a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm, a children’s educational garden, a co-housing development, a community garden, a restored forest, and an edible food forest.

I am so grateful to Community GroundWorks for offering opportunities to support their work through a diverse set of projects, that stretch my unique set of skills.