Singing in Madison – Willy Street and Beyond!


I’m a preschool teacher. I’ve been hanging with little kids my whole life, and as of the Fall of 2018, I finally got a regular gig doing this hilarious and IMPORTANT (no matter what my dad thinks ha!) work.

A caregiver on her child’s last day:
“She’s changed since she met you. Sometimes, she’ll be folding her clothes, and I’ll hear her singing.” SCORE! PASS THE HEMLOCK!

Shortly after landing this job, I was kindly offered a music gig, singing songs for kids on the venerable Willy Street here in Madison. In the winter, I perform every other week, and in the spring, once a month. That’s at the Cargo Bike Shop, the first Saturday of every month, at 9am (it’s fun to be awake!).

I love taking requests from kids and adults, and getting folks to sing or dance along. Here’s a taste of my repertoire:


I’m working with the fabulous People’s Yoga Collective to mash up music and yoga! Here’s a taste of the background I provided for one yoga class:


I’ve gobbled up many musicals in my time – by listening to them obsessively. Occasionally, I’ve performed in them. Auditioning is terrifying…and hard…so it’s only been a few. This winter, I performed in my first musical since college. I’m 29. Did you know that? Bet you didn’t know that.

I did not sing this song in the show! But it’s my favorite, I’m obsessed with it, I had to give it a go.

Teaching Music

I am slowly but surely accumulating brilliant ukelele students. Videos to come!

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