I love musicals.

I can’t get over the character, color, philosophy, and exuberance of musical theater. It may be the only thing I *actually* *care* about. But I try to ride that love-wave and have a positive impact on the world through that love.

Rent was the first musical that I became head over heels obsessed with:

Here’s me performing a song from a newish musical that I love to love and I love to hate on:

It’s about planes that got redirected to Newfoundland when they closed the US airspace on 9/11. The politics of this show are also iffy, but not explicitly horrific. This song illustrates the real real-life story of a pilot who was sent to Newfoundland.

I also love jazz standards. I’ve recently gotten all into Rodgers and Hart, some real sassy composers. I made the following video for my mom on Valentine’s Day, since my musical theater obsession is largely her loving fault:

My Funny Valentine – I’m proud of myself for figuring out the chords to a jazz song! Usually I stick to such endeavors in the pop realm

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