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I bring my whole self into everything I do.

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, I loved sharing energy and openness through singing. I also encouraged emotional health and self-confidence as a preschool educator and peer counselor. In college I linked these worlds through working in non-profit theater. I watched myself bring projects to life, and learned what I could do when I trusted myself and my colleagues.

Later, I learned about the current course of climate change. I wanted desperately to be a force for life. Embracing my new-found love of the outdoors and community agriculture, I became an environmental educator. I stirred up music, humor, and community-building in gardens across the country. I watched my Jewish education and practice enriched this work. Later, as a social worker, I navigated public and private programs with families seeking food, housing, and education. These journeys taught me the power of building resources with the communities that need them.

I am graduating with a Masters in Agroecology from University of Wisconsin-Madison. I supported local environmental education organizations with outreach, business development, and teacher training, while studying the social and ecological foundations of food production. I am hungry for more opportunities to build equitable and resilient food systems.